Midst The Clouds


You climb up to the window,

And stick your head out

You watch the Dancing Clouds

As they perform their Ballad

Each has something to say,

and it will not shy away.

You wonder what Magic

Brought about this change.

Since when did Clouds speak,

And dance so synchronous?

Since when did they brush past you,

with Wispy-Misty Tendrils?

Or maybe, only today

Have you opened your eyes to

The Pretty World

Who awaits to tell you Secrets…

                                                You’ve never heard.

Your joy is boundless

And so are your dreams

To jump out of the window,

And Dance midst the clouds.

But then you realise,

that you are,

but a lil’ human,

And you can’t fly.

Though the Clouds yearned for

Your sweet company,

They have been denied the pleasure,

of Dancing midst YOU!

And so they thunder

with so deep a pain.

And shed some tears,

that’s how came rain.

Its YOU who is magical,

Its you who is serene.

Its you who is beautiful.

Its just that you don’t see….

Shreya Sudesh

                         You Is Kind,

                          You is Sweet,

                          You is Important


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