In Mahatria’s Words… Mastermind Class (12 Sept 2012)


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The first thing you notice about the Hall where Mahatria organizes the Mastermind Class, is that there absolute Peace and high Vibrations in that region. You feel it , in a way that your eyes turn moist and you almost become a part of the community that has gathered there to receive the Valuable Discourse from Mahatria, himself.

You may have read his magazine, Frozen Thoughts or his work in Alma Mater, but it is only when you see him Live, with his High spirit, humor , intelligence and Knowledge… and a humble, selfless yet stark belief in bringing about a change, do you Actually realize the magnitude of faith and spirituality that this one man instills unto us.

Especially his words and quotes,


Today he quoted the Bible, ‘Be Still and know that I am Your God’. He says, all God asks of us is implicit faith and a clear state of mind, where-in we are PREPARED to receive what God has to offer us.

You may make all the preparations, do all the fasts and pilgrimages… but finally, if you do not enter the state of ‘Non-Doing’ , it all amounts to nothing.

There is a process to Praying and Oneness with God.

First you need to have the faith and respect the place of Worship. Of couse, God is omnipresent. But Mahatria reasons this out really well, he says,

‘Oxygen is everywhere around you, but it enters your body only through your nostrils and no other channels. Just the same way, Temples, Mosques, Churches and other Places Of Worship act as a Channel where the Vibrations are so high that they bring you closer to your God.’

You may then ask, what is the necessity of Rituals , Darshana Queues, the Choirs ,Chanting, the Namas?

His Answer to that is… When we travel to our Place of worship we have all sorts of things running in our mind…. office, work, school, family and a whole Myriad of things… in such a  hustle and bustle your mind is like a raging ocean and cannot receive anything. But when you’re calm as a pond, the littlest of pebbles create large ripples.

These rituals and Choirs are a way to cleanse your mind and bring you to the Present Reality so that you are in a position to Gain.

Then comes the Praying, the Belief and absorbing what your Master says, the Priest says,whatever it may be. Here you concentrate … but the most important part is, you do this with your mouth shut and with the belief that what they say is right. Because, if you’re questioning everything He says, then you are absorbing nothing. You have all the time in this world to think about it later and ask your Master the questions. But right now, you need to Focus. 

What Mahatria says and spreads are not Experiments… they are Experiences…he Knows what he says and thus, when you receive these words, you need not doubt them, but apply it. Why? Because what he says is Satya and he has all the explanation and proof right before your eyes. 

Once that is done, comes the main part… the ‘NON-DOING’… now this may seem surprising. But it is the reality. Here you just close your eyes and shut your mind to everything else. You need to lose yourself to Gain and accumulate everything you have learned, in Peace. That is when it will remain with you.

Mahatria gives an example,

‘When you dip a piece of chalk in an ink-pot for a while and write with the, now blue, chalk… only the first few words will be blue but later, its true nature will return. But when you dip the chalk long enough, then that blue colour sticks on to it until its very end.’

The NON-DOING is an essential conclusion to your Prayers or Satsang. Without which, this whole process has been futile.

Even Yoga displays the same… at the end of all your Asanas, you conclude with the Shavasana where you lie flat on your back and breathe deeply and DO NOTHING. It relaxes you and clears you. Which is exactly what is needed.



No matter how hard you try, you can never make a person happy, if he/she is not happy in life.

‘Your judgement abut someone, expresses a lot more about you, than the other person.’


A person judges the world based upon his own outlook. So when someone comments about a certain aspect, his/her own perception and qualities are expressed via his observation.

So, if you keep wondering about others’ judgement you will never get a chance to appreciate yourself and value your own capability.

This does not mean Feedback is completely unnecessary… but it is not the conclusive answer, either.

So accept remarks with discretion. Do not get carried away.


TOUCH : The Language Of Love

The first sensation a foetus experiences in the beginning, is touch, in its mother’s womb… and as it grows, it somehow begins recognising a sense of love and security with touch. This is why a crying baby calms down when it is in the mother’s arms or when you tickle it, pat it gently or hug it.

But as the child grows and his/her parents get busy with their lives, this priceless connection is lost…and this leads to a phenomena called touch deprivation. The child begins to feel estranged at times and now, he/she begins to start expecting this love from the external world. This is what leads to perversion and waywardness in kids, at a very tender age.

And that is why Mahatria advices young parents to spend time with their kids… associate their love by touch…hug them, cradle them in your arms and hold them. Do not let the connection sever . Make the child feel home.

Family and Relationships :

In India… the unit of the society is not an Individual (as in the USA, etc)… it is the family and hence, when culture clashes take place, this balance is crushed and thus there arises the need of disputes.

You cannot lead a selfish life, for whatever reasons, and expect to be happy in a Family-life.

You need to care, support, love and appreciate… nurture the family… to experience true bliss.


A clear conscience is the softest pillow you can easily sleep well on.

You have to be loyal to your post… be it, as a family member, a CEO or even an employee. Live with your head held high.

Correct people (in the right manner) if they stray from their duties… as you are loyal to your chair. As a parent, take your stand and don’t give-in to every want of your child. As a CEO, do not reduce targets and give your employees a false success… it will not help the. It is your duty to guide, then do so.

Deviating from sudharma, is Adharma








16 thoughts on “In Mahatria’s Words… Mastermind Class (12 Sept 2012)”

  1. This is awesome. What a write up. It just refreshes the teachings of Mahatria. Very Well Written and the sequence is the same as unfolded by our Beloved Mahatria Ra…

    Enjoyed reading it


    1. Its a blessing that I was able to attend the MasterMind classes. . And that’s why I thought that people who missed it should also gain something. This is one of my ways to spread the love 🙂

      Thank You 🙂


  2. hey Shreya just came across your writings through google,
    Beautifully written, loved reading it. Thank you for it, pls do keep writing your summary of Masterminds(now infinipath), it will help many grow.
    Wishing u most and more.
    Charuta 🙂


  3. Hey great wishing you most and more loving you so much I too attended few master minds and now I have completed mu infinialpha course and now proud to say I am an infinitheist Pl be touch with Mahatria and you can see how your life changes
    thanks Keep writing and I am proud of you. thanks banu


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