Theatre Review : Four Plays (The Hindu Metroplus Theatre Fest)

The Tickets

It had been an amazing at the Hindu Metroplus Theatre Fest 😉

Here’s my take :

The Temporary Matter : Though the actors did a good job, the storyline failed to capture the interest of the viewers. It portrayed the deterioration of Metropolitan couples nowadays.

The Purification Hunt was a raw and original take on the Naxalite-Government’s brutal relationship though I found it like a monologue. Yet, it was powerful and played well.

Now, The Flatulist reduced us to laughter! The actors were simply fabulous though the sets could be Jazzed Up. Greg is finding his light in the Theatre with his ‘special’ talent but is turned down by all abd finally lands up in his Father’s Friend, Jack’s Office where he displays his ‘loud n toxic’ talent and overwhelms Jack teaching him a lesson for controlling others’ (His Father and Eva’s) lives.

Ganga At Rishikesh :

Saved for the last, it was the best. It shows four different characters and their lives all connecting with the Ganga. But the Father-Son’s Retrospection of Incidents of The Past where the ‘perfect gentleman’ of a Father ends up in a Yogic Mani’s room raising the son’s suspicions in a comical way, had been the best. The Saint with his ‘high’ state and his ‘Maya is here and Now she is gone’ at hilarious bits was funny. The set was amazing and so was the music. The actors did great justice to the play, as well. The only let down was that the Ganga could have been potrayed a little more ‘alive’. Great Performance and loved the Namma Chennai flavor!

Thank You for the experience and Opportunity 🙂


2 thoughts on “Theatre Review : Four Plays (The Hindu Metroplus Theatre Fest)”

  1. The theatre fest sounds like it was a lot of fun! I love things like this because you get to see the creativity and hard work that people put into their films. I hope to see more from you!


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