VEGAN TREASURE : Fish, yet not Fish ! TARO and YAM alternatives !

So you totally love fish but are turning Vegan this season? Or perhaps, you always wanted to try fish but are Vegan?

No problem, I can help you with just the right recipe to stay Vegan yet enjoy the taste (this tastes much better and DOES NOT SMELL) ! What to do ?


Those images are > Taro and Yam. They are delicious Tubers that you can buy in any Vegetable Market. Except the CLEANING part… everything else about cooking them is EASY!

You don’t find these veges in restaurant menus (at least not that often) so you better do it at home.

Ingredients :

1. Red-Chilli Powder ( if its been ground with dry rice, sambhar powder and turmeric, the better it is> but it should be DRY and POWDERY)

2. Yam / Taro ( You need to boil the taro for two whistles in a medium pressure cooker. Yam does not need boiling)

3. Salt to taste

4. Curry Leaves

5. Urad Dal (aka Black Gram Dal)

6. Oil (preferably Sunflower Oil)


1. Nicely wash the Taro and Yam … and this I mean it. There is a lot of dirt stuck to i t but its not DANGEROUS at all. 

2. If you chose Yam, then scrape off its coarse outer skin and cut into thin chip-like slices. They can be thick, too. But not VERY thick, please.

    But if its Taro, then put them in a pressure cooker with the skin , add water enough to cover them all and boil for two whistles.

3. Scrape the skin off, it should come off easily, once boiled.

4. Take a Wok or Thick-bottomed pan (large  enough to accommodate the slices)

5. Add three tablespoons of oil and wait for it to heat… on SIMMERED FLAME, on a gas stove.

6. Carefully add the Urad Dal, Curry leaves and rye to the hot oil. They may splatter, so take care.

7.Once they begin to crackle and fry, add the Sliced Yam/ Taro to the oil and stir well so that all the slices are oiled. The Taro slices are sticky and fragile so HANDLE GENTLY. Use a flat spatula. 

8. Now add the Red-Chilli Powder and salt.  Depending on the hotness of the chilli-powder and quantity of veges, exercise discretion. I add about Four table-spoons for 1/2 Kg of yam/ taro.

9. Add another spoon of oil in a circualr way… and Saute the veges CAREFULLY.

10. Once all the slices are covered with the oil-chilli mixture, Lid the vessel in simmered flame.

11. After a few minutes saute again.

12. Follow this until your veges turn a crisp-red colour. The fagrance will make youn go crazy. 

13.Once satisfied, arramge them in a bowl and serve hot.

Best eaten with Rice and Dal or chapattis. 

Can be had as a snack, as well.

Its highly nutritious and Delicious and can be used as an alternative for the boring Mr. Potato.

Be creative and have fun. Hope you liked it !



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