Realize Your True Potential : Find What you Need Here !


In this age of Modern Technology ( and the World Wide Web), we humans are able to reach out to so many audiences in a myriad of ways… for different purposes. Some, to publicize their products or stay connected to friends and family … or just to let the world know about their talents…

LifePulp by Roman Price

But, There are some people who use this Gift Of Social Networking for better purposes… to Inspire and Motivate people and bring together like-minded people to share the Light and Joy of everyday-living. One such amazing Life Guide (as I would Like to call him) is Roman Price… Founder of this amazing website : ! Its an ever-expanding community, or should I say a close-knit FAMILY… that supports one another with pleasant posts based on an amazing variety of topics from Health, Love, Life, Hope and Guidance… with images that sooth your mind and words that energize you and make you feel happy, from within. Whats more? Roman, himself, attends to your every question… he helps you regain a perspective on life with wise words and is extremely approachable and warm.

Roman Price – Founder, LifePulp

If you’re not a part of LifePulp yet… YOU NEED TO BE… and trust me, you’ll thank me later. I’ve myself been a part of it since its early years (My Profile) and gained so much! Its much different from other networking sites as it completely focuses on wholesome and happy Living. The best part is, its completely FREE and gives you much more than any other self-help guide that you may across !


ASSET : by Tessa Zimmerman



Science Of Happiness


Touch and Connection

This site is dedicated to helping teens realize and reach their full potential using the ASSET model.

Tessa is an energized 17-year old on a mission to “make healthy cool” and to inspire teens to make a positive impact in our world using the ASSET model she created. She believes that theses five modules ( ASSET) have the power to make people realize their true potential.

With a series of Inspirational Videos, Interviews with famous Social Gurus and articles on Healthy Living, Tessa displays exemplary work that can inspire you to follow her lead and adopt those healthy practices in your life, as well.

My Photo
Tessa Zimmerman

To realize the Greatness within us, to explore ourselves in a deeper and wholesome way >;>; we can follow what ASSET puts foward. In simple words and an amazing blog, provides you all the tools you would need to take that step towards a refined and more amazing life.

The icing on the cake is, you can directly contact Tessa in the Ask Asset section where in you can submit your questions and get one-to-one help. Now isn’t that amazing? Moreover, its a growing website and thus we can expect much more to come…

Help is now just a CLICK away … its right at (if not your doorstep) on your Screens…then, why not take it? Join hands with these young and youthful entrepreneurs of Better Living and do yourself a favor 🙂

Its time to REALIZE our true potential 🙂


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