Inspired By The Weather …

As authors and writers, we often reach those certain moments when inspirations work wonders and give our piece of writing that magical touch that makes it all the more delectable.

The clouds and the amazing rains are what inspire me the most. They refresh my story ideas and encourage me to produce something more lively.

What’s most breath-taking about the Rainy weather is the Bellows of the thunder and the flashes of lightening that are too humongous to fit in our world and give us an unreal image that tingles are imagination…

It does not always have to make sense, stuff in life. Some times, its best just to let yourself flow with the ethereal. Because you never know, where it may lead you… or whom it may bring into your life… and change the very way your heart works.

The weather can give you a certain lift… the cool breeze may bring back a certain warm memory, the pleasant aroma of freshly drenched earth may spark amazing thoughts… and you may find yourself introduced to a whole new outlook.

And that it is why, where you sit to write, is so important. Different environments have their own characteristic effect on your work and thus, it is in your hands to choose which weather suits which piece of art/ writing best.

Hope you enjoy this journey.

Arrividerci 🙂


3 thoughts on “Inspired By The Weather …”

  1. beauty , love , happiness , kindness , music and nature , all are inspirations and inspirations carry message of divine ……. who ever listens this message …. mirrors divine … creativity is manifestation of divine ….. and your blog is …. thanks for posting them ….. love all.


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