Magic Exists just Like All-Spice and Jalapenos do !

I’ve always loved to believe in Magic… that perhaps, somewhere, there still exists a bit of Fae Dust… sparkling on a petal or enchanting Metals to become Magnets…

There has to be some great power that is our Life Force… that makes our heart beat, larynx make sounds, hair grow, eyes glisten, roses bloom and water gurgle down the stream. Science simply puts up theories and gives such ‘phenomena’ a Name : Magnetism , Gravity, Viscosity… etc:-

But what is wrong in believeing that there is an amazing world right before our eyes but Hidden… in some kind of Parallel Universe.

You only just have to believe in it completely to gain admittance and then everything you ever dreamed of would spring into life. And maybe great authors and playwrights knew about this World and put the magic potion into the novels they wrote or folklore they spread!

And that’s how Myths, Fantasy and Magic came into existence!

I wish there was someone who would led me to that world…

Until then, I’m just going to write about it, NOT grow up and keep waiting with HOPE.

If you think I’m crazy, well, I’m glad to be… but I can’t help myself. This is not a ‘for-the-sake-of-it’ matter. It is my Reality. 

Now don’t believe that it is a major change of mind, that makes me smile despite all the crazy things trying to make me cry.

People die… and come back to life, some instants later… you call it a MIRACLE, I call it Magic!

Your heart beats like a Bumble-Bee’s wings when you see your Beloved. How does your heart KNOW that he/she is The Right One? Answer me?

You say food gets digested because of a lengthy yet compact process of digestion. Agreed. Bio-chemical reactions and neuro-responses make it happen… but, my dear Reader, who TELLS the Brain to send those signals?

What are these electronic impulses? Ions and electorns… what gives them this Energy?

What is Energy?

Energy makes every single blissful thing POSSIBLE!

What is energy? You can’t explain! At least not in an wholesome way that completely satisfies us( and by that, I mean, SANS equations and theories… which eventually lead us back to the Question, itself)

This Universe is Larger than any of us expect it to be and there is so much out there that probably defies every single law that we have ever concluded upon.

Well then, can it not be that Magic were to exist?

And we who Believe in it, were right all along?

Its all a probability. But it provides a boost for us to move on from dreary times… to look for hope… to get answers.

For all you and I know, there may exist a Hogwarts, an Inkheart , a Narnia, even a Fangtasia… 

Oh no, don’t laugh… this is, but a probability.

Just because we can’t see it… it does not mean it doesn’t exist.

We can’t see AIR… but it exists, nevertheless.

You may reason out that you Feel its presence… see it blow up balloons and rustle leaves when its in a particularly good mood and turns into breeze…

Well, then again, Magic makes your heart beat, it gifts you Hope when all is lost, it EXISTS in the form Of LOVE, this inexplicable feeling that ties us humans and creatures together.

You don’t see LOVE, you EXPRESS it, FEEL it!

You don’t see HATE, you EXPRESS it, FEEL it !

You don’t SEE MAGIC, you FEEL it… so it may not be too long until, you can EXPRESS it. Perhaps you already are… but haven’t realized it !

You LIVE… and that’s a Miracle in itself… its Magic. Perhaps a Universal Belief in Magic may awaken its true form and bring it back to existence. Now that’s something to hope for. Don’t call believers (of Magic) loons… its their belief… like you believe in Your belief.

Its just something Magical that this article, through search engines, posts, links etc:- had to reach your eyes.

High time, you believe in it!

Collective Thought towards Magic… may help it become visible to the eyes of us, Humans. And that would be a truly beautiful Gift.


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