Working Out Relationship – Ties

It may have started off well … your best times, perhaps. Those memories still stick to your mind like fresh apples on a tree (mind you, apples can be plucked off, if necessary) ! He/ She may have seemed to be your best companion … who understands you (so you thought) and appreciates you for who you are and not based upon the trophies in your mantlepiece or wads of notes in your wallet(so you imagines) … Things were going so awesome you declared them your best friend , partner… whatever.

And you saw bliss (but not FELT it, though, you did not know it then) When it comes to Friendship > we expect that ultimate human… always giving, appreciating, supporting and caring.

You EXPECT them to be your pillar all the time and they may do a pretty good job of it, too… but that ain’t happening forever. There will come a day (or it already has) when they may surpass you, or need you for support… will you be there for them? Ask yourself.

If the answer is a Nay, well, then… this ain’t going to work out too much. Its a two-way thing, this friendship. Not everybody is Jesus or Mother Teresa. They require attention, gratitude and concern.

And if you neglect it for long… well, get ready to bid farewell to what could have been something amazing. But we humans do seem to forget that part of the deal and get so deep into our own lives that we don’t notice when the leaves have withered.

Love : Love is something more deeper. I’m not comparing the two relationships. They can never be compared because they’re subject to change according to every individual.


Love is a shade more emotional… especially if its not your ‘family’ but your partner or better half. And if you’re married… wow, you be more considerate! ts all mutual understanding. That’s what people, the tabloids, glossy magazines, television serials and books say.

Well, you know what? I may not completely disregard it as bullshit because it does matter. But its not everything. When you get into a relationship… its like going to a new place… you take some things with you, you leave behind some, your memories and past still exist in you deep recesses … you have expectations, longings, excitement and hope… a lot of it. The same applies to your counterpart. Its a new thing, no matter how many ever times its failed before (if you’re serious, that is). And so… conflicts may arise.

Your past may lead to it, your culture, lifestyle, habits, status and so much more. Mutual Understanding helps but its not a permanent fix because these hot issues keep crawling back from the wells and attack your life. You need to DEAL with it! Then and there.

The trick is : Never lose your cool > otherwise, disaster awaits. If you guys don’t agree on something, you can’t always compromise for the sake of mutual blah blah! You have a life and a right to live it… and the only reason you’re in a relationship is to enrich the experience.

Then why should you submit? Instead > Work it out > meet each other half-way. Get to a consensus. Be practical and yet, loving. Never DEMAND or be rude. Never act like you can be toyed with or you don’t mind. Try to be worthy of his/ her respect because that makes a whole lot of didfference. Never wait to apologize and appreciate. It always smooth-ens things.

And your life should work out!


4 thoughts on “Working Out Relationship – Ties”

  1. The reason behind the failure of some relationships is the lack of providing personal space to other. I have seen some breakups around me. There was one common reason which was lack of providing personal space to the other. When you love someone, it doesn’t give you any right to make decisions on his/her behalf. Everyone has some topics that they do not like to share with others or sometimes can’t share with one they love. To me respecting the decision and providing personal space to other are the key important things for a lifelong relationship.


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