The Escape Route … Away from solitude and hurt

Sometimes you feel so lost in life that you have no where to go. It seems as if all hell is breaking loose and you’re forsaken … Vulnerable and tired of all the world’s games.

All you want is, to hide under the duvet and fall deep asleep to escape the world’s craziness.

When the people you trust , love and Believe give up on you or leave you feeling left out … It feels gross.

Especially when you’ve invested so much time on them. It does not always have to be best friends or partners… Sometimes your own parents can scar your heart with something harsh… Which may be pent up frustration, unthought outburst or perhaps, a blast from the past!

But the people you love the most , sometimes, misunderstand you or fail to understand you completely and haul you over the coals.

Times such as these make you wish that Magical Portals , wonderlands , Hogwarts , crazy rabbit holes and other escape routes , actually existed.

One gets addicted to such lands in the form of novels, sitcoms and movies. Wishful thinking mixed with amazing stuff happening before your eyes or in your mind , comforts your hurt soul.

It’s your own world and no one can take it away from you. It’s like an anchor that holds you close and down whenever turbulent times attack your life.

This is the beauty of magical serials , fantasy fiction novels and other stuff… Only a fellow Dreamer will appreciate the beauty of this blessing .

Others may not realise it or believe it.

But then again , that is unnecessary .
What you believe in is what matters.
If its right and not harming anyone else, and gives you peace or solace then follow it .

There is nothing wrong about wishful thinking . Make your life better. Enter the world of imagination , let it run wild and calm your disturbed self down .

You deserve peace. Blessed Be 🙂


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