You Deserve Better

You may call it bad karma or simple frustration. Anyhow life always catches up with your bliss . One moment, you decide to be all angelic and sweet and go online … and BAM! Some friend or the other has to fuse you out with their nonchalant bleating or monologue (which is pretty boring and showing-off all the feathers in their busted cap) .
So many times I’ve restrained myself from typing back ‘Bitch, please!’ or ‘STFU’ but you see, one can’t swear like they do on True Blood . Oh no, you can’t.

Imagine your cousin saying (to you ) “You stay outta my sheez, Hooker. Or I might have to put a bullet in your head”
That sounded disturbing considering real life situations , didn’t it?

So yeah , there are people who are bent upon screwing up your mood with their tireless chattering or self-admiration like , ‘You know, I’m so awesome I actually managed those free passes!’ or … ‘I just scored this much better than you, but I’m sure you’ll be fine ‘.
Those are times when I lose it.

That was then. But nowadays, I simply cut them off … Switch on my best Enya music and WRITE about my fury or simply relax instead of brooding or getting angry . It really ain’t worth nothing.

So direct your excess energy (which leads to getting Angry) into other fruitful activities rather than thinking up stuff like ‘How can I bring him down ?!’ etc-

Be calm. Be wise. ALL your friends do not matter. It’s fine to hang up on some who are full of themselves. We are humans and we are better off staying in pleasantness than constant crappy banter.

You deserve better. What do you think ?


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