What is with the Two-Many ?



Be it Edward Cullen versus Jacob black (TWILIGHT) OR the two poles-at-the-ends Salvatore Brothers (The Vampire Diaries)or Eric Northman v/s Bill Cromton ( True Blood) …. it’s the same story> All fighting for the Damsel In Distress and Protagonist.

The worst part is the Casting Crew select the most delectable and jaw-dropping-looking Guys for these roles. Though of course, Ian Somerhalder (Damon) ; Alex Skarsgard (Eric) and Robert Pattinson (Edward) pit against each other for the To-Die-For Handome looking Award.

    What can one do about the situation? Fans are split into teams… Team This-Guy or Team That-Guy.

The movie Vampires Sucks totally outdid itself (applaudible) when they showed Team Jacob chics literally killing Team Edward chics. It was like …. LOL.

One guy is the virtuous; good-hearted; warm and Humane creature, whilst the other is wild, seductive, contagious and Dangerous. 

At first the Girl is with the Good-Guy but then suddenly she loses all her senses and is fatally attracted to the Bad Boy (with the better looks and the shiny car> wearing black!) … partially (and temporarily) leaving the Good-Guy high and dry until the Bad Boy gets her killed or something!

So its rather funny when you see both these awesome guys fighting FOR this girl, who is always HUMAN… helpless, sweet, caring and crazy (and THE DANGER-MAGNET).

The series keeps you hanging over the ledge, as to whom will she choose in the end? To this, Twilight gave a slap of an answer by Making Jacob fall for his ex-Lad Love’s DAUGHTER by IMPRINTING! Wierd, much? Well, welcome to the land Of Vampires and all-things-bad !

Weird is the new normal in this place… or we can call it Fangtasia ! 

I personally enjoy these shows because, usually, the story line is quite catchy and so are the extra-frills like Background, location and dresses and what not.

Though True Blood is the most Hard-Core of the three > too much liqor and too much skin and too much blood!

But here, the Bad-guy is a BLONDE for once (not actually bad).

And he’s TALL …. lol, what am I saying?

The point is … No vamp story is complete without this Girl’s-Heat-Split-Into-Two thing. Authors and Screenplay writers take pleasure in seeing the good-girl do bad things, betray and burn!

So you got the idea right? Which is your favorite story or do you totally avoid vamps?




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