Influence-a Much



So, I had been watching the Avengers the other day, in all 3D , full sound, blah blah and I thoroughly enjoyed it. But the story does not end with the Avengers all posing together after they corner the criminal (whose name escapes me, though, I know he’s Thor’s brother) … Not for me, at least.

The ghost of Black Widow a.k.a Natasha Romanoff gets into me. Because I feel all angtsy and ready to do some cool Krav Maga and Karate moves, whack a few butts, break a few noses and tear a few people apart. I wanna be dressed up in Black leather head-to-toe and Ooh yeah!

It wore off eventually. And thank God for that.

Then I watched New Girl … a really cool series on Star World (India ) and Fox (USA) … and I take up her cheery-bright-spirited avatar and bloom all day. Its not just that! Pretty much any book I read or any movie/serial I watch > I’m over-inspired.

Never Say Never got me liking Justin Bieber’s music, for real. Watching Vampire Diaries started getting me to think like Elena. Now, I just watched Step Up 2 (I know, I know) and now I’m all street-dancer , oh yeah. And that annoys my sister, I can bet on that.

But lately, I’ve been completely absorbed by the True Blood series … and I’m all Sookie… cheerful and sweet and all > though yes, bits of a fierce Natasha or perhaps The Hunger Games’ Katniss Everdeen or some other character from some other movie, mixes in too.

And these amazing reactions take place anytime. I know, I’m over exaggerating a bit. But then, its the only way you’ll understand the super mojo that runs into me! Worst part is… I feel like them. Now, I like Eric Northman (True Blood) despite he being a viscious vampire. And who doesn’t love Damon Salvatore (TVD) and Chase (Step Up 2) … ? Oh and Michael (Burn Notice) or Captain America (The Avengers)  Caffrey (White Collar) ?

Characters from books like Thalia Grace from Percy Jackson, Meggi from Inkheart, Hermoine from Harry Potter… and many more. Wonder what will happen when I watch Spider Man. Can’t wait !


Crazy stuff happens, in life, but I’m all ready 😀


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