Watching True Blood

Watching The Vampire Diaries got me addicted to Vampire Sitcoms and so , when I got done with TVD , I noticed True Blood … I vaguely remember or maybe think that it aired in India, too. But anyways it caught my interest and I wanted to know what the whole chaos was about . I mean >; TVD’s Damon , Stefan and Elena (or Katherine , owing to the curly locks instead of Elena’s straight ones) posed wrapped in satin in a rather spicy cover of Entertainment Weekly … Just then , another magazine made it to the headlines >; Rolling Stones with Sookie, Bill and Eric stark naked with blood dripping from pretty much everywhere .

I bet only adults with no kids around bought the latter magazine because I’m sure THAT stuff ain’t appropriate for little eyes or brains ,much less ,hearts.

Coming to the focal point, the series actually have got me hooked (not literally, I mean) ! Of course, there are some real crazy ju-ju scenes ! Pretty much every one wants to rip their clothes apart and make us fast forward (that is, if you do so ) :0 But , the storyline is cool ! Totally makes you want more. You may say it’s terrible to your friends coz you don’t want them to know you see THAT stuff but hell, don’t blame the serial ! It’s not THAT bad if you’re decent. And it pretty much shows the REAL world > How sheez happens , homos called faggots are treated like vermin and they shoot back, how drugs ruin people , addiction, love , pain… Blah! Blah! And it’s a treat to those eyes looking at Bill and Eric , though of course, they are NO match to Stefan and Damon (TVD) but yeah both > both actors playing the protagonist’s (damsel in distress + torn between to gorgeous vamps) brother , in their respective serials , I.e, Jason in TB and Jeremy in TVD are hunks! You really can’t choose coz they’re both been in too many relationships and hooked with their sister’s best friend !

But TB has some flaws, too.

I mean Sookie could do with a teeth-gap-removal operation and Bill could probably use skin lotion , Sam should his Greys and Eric should bulk up (I’m still in Season 1,so yeah, If they did it, awesome ) ! But the story is good!

The title song is madness , ‘I wanna do bad things to you!’ … You get it, right!?

The whole Vampire-Politics and serial killer plot , Sookie’s screwed up life as a Mind Reader with her Cowgirl accent 🙂

I keep getting my hands on latest episodes so that I don’t lag behind . It’s like getting addicted to “V” >; Vampire Blood>; yep, it’s a drug in TB!

So , right now, imma be getting ready for slumber but I can’t wait to watch Episode 12, Season 1 !

Drew Marshall is the killer and he is…. Nope, no spoilers here 😉 :p

Yeah so True Blood is gonna keep me busy until College opens 🙂 Next time, I’ll be coming up with THE SIMILARITIES BETWEEN TRUE BLOOD AND THE VAMPIRE DIARIES (trust me, there are too many) ! xo

Take care ! Keep sooking 😉





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