Social (network) -Evils !

    Twitter Bug caught you yet?


It starts off with the change of a cover pic or liking a particular status or an amazing picture of your friend being dunked into a pool… or Celebs announcing some huge-happening in their life like, ‘Say hello to Kyra, my new born!’ and a few hundred likes to that or ‘Check out my Album XYZ on iYunes!’ or it could be a family member writing on your wall, ‘That dress you wore for my daughter’s first shower was totally inappropriate! Unacceptable. But thanks for turning up, anyways!’

There is always interesting gossip, someone winning a prize for being the Douchiest Human or maybe well, some guy moved into Beverly Hills by fluke and everyone’s J-ing on him…or The Kadarshians are pranking each other and throwing GUCCI footwear and Kate Spade bags on each other instead os Snow Balls for X-Mas! Or someone just got into a relationship and everyone’s commenting on their status but in their hearts ,’Let’s see how long this one lasts…’

And sure there are some genuine moments when you meet (online) someone who you’re crushing on (they can’t see your CRAZY ‘OMG’ expression)or a long-lost friend. Or something you shared and getting 100+ likes! Mamma-Mia!

Or new movie trailer news; what’s up on The Vampire Diaries > Is Elena Switching Boyfriends… or on True Blood > Is Sookie, perhaps, considering a teeth-gap-removal surgery before choosing Eric or Billy-Boy ?

And of course, the new TROLL pics are gaining quite some audience.

But the most addictive are chats and those Zynga games. I myself play three of them … I mean who doesn’t love living in the Mansion of their dreams with the most amazing looks and all that!

Or you could just be a sales promotional person whse JOB is TO BE on FB or twitter?

Coming to twitter, its a step more exciting as you meet your stars (so-called, at times) one-to-one. You know where Oprah is going to hold a Charity Ball, you KNOW who  Ms. Swift is going out ; whether Justin Bieber really plans to choose the lucky 17-year old girl whose writing this post right now and take her with him? (Got a lil’ ‘lead-away’) … or whether Lance Armstrong really is sending his kid to Basket Ball Coaching or whether Adam Levine plans to leave Anne v (that ain’t happening, is it, Adam?) … or whether One Direction’s stomach is upset because Niall ordered this whole Pizza from XYZ… blah! blah!

You can tweet all you like to gain their attention… but the sad part is > a million more people are doing just that at this moment so your chances are one-in-a-million. And the odds don’t look so cool to me. But we try, any ways!

We also make loads of new friends only its hard to recall their names coz its like @kidrauhlbang or @harryssugarpot or @LynchUp @DianneEatsCarrots @WriterGoth etc etc (those are not real and if they exist > haha!)



All these freebies really are enjoyable, flaunting off your creative talent and posting it on your wall so that everyone reads about in their feeds… check others’ statuses and commemnt relentlessly on them despite the fact that you’ve run out of cheeky and cheesy lines and left with sheepish stuff. Never Mind.

Time is a SOAB sometimes, because it adjusts its speed according to what we are upsto :

When we are drowning with piles of work and hitting deadlines… Times like to impersonate Usain Bolt and run Lightning-fast.

When we are stuck in long journeys in a boring train or cramped between two gossiping ladies in a Church sermon etc etc … it likes to choose slug-speed as though its paralysed or some sheez.

Well, when we are wasting our Precious Energy on social networking site MINDING OTHERS’ BUSINESSES … Time likes to hide away and catch the Bullet Train and before we know it, its gone!

And we are still left with ideas that need to be put into action, work, assignments, this and that. Those with kids and family are into a deeper hole.

THAT’S THE PROBLEM. These interactive sites can waste your time. And you have no Time Controller Device so stop thinking of it. Yeah, I know if only some Mad Scientist had INVENTED that rather than crazy ju-ju that made Super Heroes!


You are left behind at work, your ideas still sleep snugly in you TO-DO’s and DO-IT-TOMORROW’s . And you’re, well, upset. Haven’t we all been there and done that ?


Please for Santa Maria’s sake stop taking your TO-DO’s and DO-IT-TOMORROW’s seriously instead of fliccking them aside because what now seems casual and unimportant can be the red-hot NEED-IT-NOW , tomorrow! And then do NOT regret!

Its all in there (your grey cells ) … your will to take the work up and STOP whiling away time. I’m glad youcame by this article because even though you probably know everythinhg I said, you need a little PUSH to run that extra mile. I know it. Writing this stuff, motivates me, myself. Hope it does the same for you, my Readers. Well, all the best with kicking Procrastinating on its butt and using your Social Networking Skills (which no doubt, I’m sure, are amazing) in MODERATION!

If you know you can do it… YOU CAN DO IT!! Get outta the addiction … and start getting a real life 🙂

Addio e prendersi cura (Goodbye and Take Care)


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