Don’t Let Anyone Hurt YOU!


Its not right for someone to say a few harsh things to you and leave you hurting. No matter what happened … whether its your fault or theirs, poking is NOT the solution.We are humans not rabid animals (coz even animals have senses) to start wars against eaach other. A strong remark i s bad and painful as perhaps, a blow. Everybody have heated arguments, ego and betrayals but that does not mean you HURT , in return! 


Do you ever think of the victim? How sore they feel? The aftermath of a fight, is severe. You can’t get away with whatever you want. Life is a cycle… it comes back to you, worse. So be wise.

If you’ve been lied to or cheated or EVEN hurt, you have no right to hurt the other person… because you only harm yourself… its negative karma and you lose your peace of mind with so many hard feelings harbored in your heart. And you obviously don’t have a right to hurt your beautiful self.

Quarreling just makes it worse , holding grudges or deleting them… remorseful.

There is hardly anything on this planet without solutions.

Of course they wronged you and broke your precious trust, but once they were your friends, so you should remember that.

But if its just because you are Jealous or egoistic … then I pity you because this will get you no where.

Hard at it seems, even professional therapists agree, FORGIVE AND FORGET is best!

Your blocks are cleared, your mind is free and your soul is cleansed 😀


Nobody on this earth has the right to hurt you. You are inferior to NONE. God’s blessed you, too. You’re amazing in yourself. Then how can you let someone (usually worthless people) HURT YOU? Even if its your fault( minor one) … they can’t just push you hard and walk away! 

I’m not telling you to launch a nuclear missile against them No. Quite the contrary, in fact. Spending hours thinking sbout the, crying to others or messaging them a million times or writing on their walls is USELESS and immature. They will pay for every word they said. that’s the truth. Why do you have to reciprocate ina harsh way and earn negative karma.

Just breathe free and LET GO. They do not matter if they don’t care for your feelings. Be strong. Believe in yourself… that should set things right. Your strength and success should show them that they can’t bring you down or get a hold over you.

Crying and depression are no solutions. You’ll be surprised that even after crying a bucketful … you’ll still be as hurt as you were, before.

In fact, you start re-analyse, playing the scene like a picture and kill your joy. That;s wronging yourself! 

You need to get up … talk it OUT with them ; settle the issue and get done with it in a peaceful manner. You never know, you may get back that person:D

Isn’t that better?

Love yourself, tell your heart that’s its okay … and MOVE ON! 

That’s the best thing to do. Value those who still love you and be grateful 🙂


1. First (as soon as you read this article) … get out of this closed space, your room, your office, ANYWHERE… and go OUT… breathe the fresh air and THINK ABOUT NOTHING. Thinking makes it worse.

Let me demonstrate it witha  story :

A man was once about to suicide because his life seemed like hell. His neighbor found out, so he simply beckoned him to tea at his place just when the hurt guy was going to hang. A few minutes into the little gathering… the guy came back to normal and felt it would have been SUCH A SILLY THING to end his life, his joy!

2. Take a nice, long walk (early mornings are best)

3. Phone a friend (trusted one) and share your feelings.

4. Do NOT trash on twitter, please! DO NOT SPREAD HATE WORLDWIDE …it comes back to you!!

5. MOVE ON with daily activities and be busy.


7. When you feel strong, call that person or go meet them and TALK IT OUT, peacefully. Even they get heated up, never mind, you remain calm. Having a  friend close by (but not before the  hurter) is best. 

8. If its solved  > GOOD. If not, do not fret, that person was not meant to BE IN YOUR beautiful life. Delete them. Retaining hard feelings is unhealthy. Makes you weak and has negative impacts. According to Louis Hay : Author of Heal Your Life > Deeply saved hard feelings / angst/ hurt/ pain can take forms of health disorders at a later stage!

9. So its better to de-clutter your heart. MEDITATE. Make affirmations : Read this after me:

” I’m blessed and loved. I am Safe in this world. The warm light of Love and Affection protects me. I forgive and I let go and I BREATHE FREE. i AM PEACEFUL IN MY BEAUTIFUL LIFE AND i believe THAT ONLY THE BEST WILL HAPPEN TO ME. i HOLD GREAT LOVE AND GRATITUDE! And I project positivism into the world. Thank You. All is Well In My World”

Keep affirming whenever your resolve seems to flicker!


11. Keep practicing. Be strong! Do gardening, spend time with friends ….. make your life better YOURSELF!


All the very best. And if you want to talk, just leave a comment and I’d be happy to help.


10 thoughts on “Don’t Let Anyone Hurt YOU!”

  1. Read through your post again. You call the “Haters” worthless, but every hate is a secondary emotion; usually steming from shame or embarrassment. If you are going to love your beautiful self, then you have to find the love and beauty in the “someone else’s!” You’ve got the right idea, just remember – treat your neighbor as you do yourse


  2. i am feeling relieved after reading this article.
    true no one is worth for our precious tears..
    whatever god has destined for us will definitely happen. if its not then IT WILL NOT!!


  3. Welcome! Thank you for subscribing to follow my blog. I hope you are encouraged, inspired and enjoy the photos I take of life’s events as seen through the lens of my camera.


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