From Childhood To The Next Chapter – Förlorat mamma pappa & syster | Välkommen till min blogg, babes! Jag heter Juliah och är en glad och spontan brud som älskar livet – även fast jag haft väldigt många motgångar. Jag är 14 år och har förlorat min syster, pappa och mamma vid 3 olika

School’s done with (two months ago) and College is yet to begin (2 months later) so naturally, a kid is FREE …I mean, after 12 whole years (or  more if we count kindergarten and Pre-school)  … a student … now a Young Adult can relish this moment and hold it close to his/her heart.

All those years of waking up early (even in cold winter mornings and rainy days) , getting ready, wearing uniforms (or selecting outfits , much worse) , breakfast, SCHOOL >> Subject classes , FRIENDS , fun , lessons , boring teachers , mischief , detention , canteen mayhem , bedlam in the grounds , basketball , cricket , running around, scribbling on desks , autographs on the lockers , mimicking teachers , playing pranks , fights , heartbreaks , tears , pain , joy , new love , favorite lessons , awesome teachers , GROUP LOL’s , scrapbooking , music …………..

SWAG ♥ Flirtygirl09 Sem título | Flickr – Compartilhamento de fotos!

And then , HOME >> homework , fangirling on twitter , friends on facebook , iPod , books , family , supper , room-cleaning services , clashes with mum over small things , walks with the dof , TV (OMG! Everything from NCIS to SIMPSONS to Drake & Josh to SPONGEBOB to Lizzie McGuire to E!Now to MaterChef to So many more…. we people can go on)

Tumblr_m5jc49we5l1qgydozo1_500_large FacebookWhαt I αm hαppч fσr :)

And then midnight text messaging , gossip , ice-cream from the ref (secretly , of course), iPod, Journal >>> Daydreams and then BED 🙂

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Didn’t we LONG for weekends when we could hang out with friends at concerts , Malls , McD , KFC or wherever… visit Grandparents , go hiking or JUST SLEEP WITH THE RADIO ON!

TRIVIALPhotos of you XOXO, Sarah-Leigh♥

What did we miss? NOTHING! Everything from the joy of topping the class to the anger in a fight to displeasure of a heart break or the rush of the crazy teenage crush! From sneaking out to parties , trying out make-up at excursions , shopping stuff for best friends and handing it to someone else by mistake, PRANK CALLS on friends, KITCHEN DISASTERS, camping all night , getting caught in the rain , stealing your siblings’ share of cakes, chocolates and ice-cream… Taking funny pictures before the mirror … POSTERS of your favorite stars ALL OVER THE PLACE … dreaming out loud until mother literally has to PUSH YOU OUT AND BRING YOU BACK!

Solitude(Ready to upload) | Flickr: Upload photos and videosUntitled | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

And then … these 12 YEARS just flew by and suddenly you’re 18 with a new life! And responsibilities and COLLEGE! 

Everybody expects you to grow UP! And sprout out wings and behave real mature! You’re given so much freedom that you’re like, ‘Hey ! Won’t you ask me where I’m going or when I’ll be back?’

And your parents (who’re watching TV)… ‘No, love, we know you’ll be fine’

And you miss the … ‘Be back by 9:00 PM or you’re grounded’ or ‘School Night… you’re SO not going out… dinner is at 7:00 pm’ or ‘No make-up! It makes you look too grown up! You’re still my little doll’ or ‘You can have my car, boy, but Watch It!’ or… well ‘DO YOUR HOMEWORK AND LEAVE THAT iPod / TV/ Computer/Phone !

Eating Chicken &... Tumblr_m2jwr62i7q1qehj79o1_500_thumb_large Victoria's Blog


So that’s how life is now coming to another new chapter for most of us… now its gonna be UNIVERSITY and God knows what all!

But we sure will miss all the fun we had 😀 Crazy teenagers on a mission to go even more crazy 🙂

But that’s childhood 😀 Everything’s forgiven and life is blissful 😀

A big THANK YOU to my friends, family , teachers and EVERYBODY:D You’re the reason I’m here … in some way or the other 🙂

Stay in touch 🙂 Made With Love !


4 thoughts on “From Childhood To The Next Chapter”

  1. You are Shreya Sudesh…..the one who was in Bhopal and convinced me that yellow butterflies fatally bite :O !!!
    OMG HOW Long has it been! :O : P


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