Coffee , toast and Papyrus

The alarm shrieked beside my bedside table …its hands showed that it was 6:00 AM already. My iPod buzzed with reminders…. A promised early morning walk with Grandpa , filling college forms , getting a form attested , writing schedule.

 I just had enough time to freshen up and get into my tracks before my Grandpa knocked on my door. 

The walk was great… early mornings … sunny with cool breeze… the time of the Day when the Weather God was in a good mood and provided Free World Wide Air Conditioning. 

Coming back home, I did my college form work and looked at my schedule again. I’m bored, I felt.

How come? I STILL have stuff to do! But my mind has already made procrastinating plans. I’m dawdling, I wonder, as I sit before my computer… same old Morning Facebook , Twitter and  email …

My best friend’s boyfriend (now, my friend, too …and he follows my blog! LOL) had sent in some of his creative work last night… so I planned to read them … my mind automatically opened the email and I began reading his work. Terra Firma and some other poems really struck a chord. My lucky best friend , I thought… she’s got a poet boyfriend. Good for her. That thought led to another… that I had promised to call her up as she had come back from her trip!

Boy, oh, boy… and that way I completely veered off my plans and now I’m here whilst my writing still awaits me and my forms still remain unattested. But the deadline is 23rd June … so Its okay, really.

Well, now I have before me… breakfast… coffee , toast and bunch of papers to sift through (I like reading during breakfast). 

So yeah… that’s how life is, for now, after school is OVER and college is yet to begin, this fall 🙂

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