Writing And All things that follow…

So, since the past few days I’ve been writing a quite a bit and reading some, too

But I’m not able to spend MUCH time with my desktop because I’m looking after my Grandpa’s elder sister who just lost her son and is staying with us for a week. She’s a cheerful lady and so sweet, I cannot say!

Coming back, writing does not always come like bread and butter… sometimes, I need that perfect mood or that briliant inspiration and then I can set off and go on for hours together. But sometimes, it so happens, that in times of emergencies when I have to immediately submit a previously unpublished article (I never keep stock articles , unfortunately) … I have the talent to sit to work and present something decent within the word limit that precisely speaks of my work-efficiency.

Some moments are so dull and dreary that I don’t even feel like lifting my pen, leave alone write numerous words!

Well, that’s what they call a Writer’s Fatigue. Touche.

But right now, I’m still in my bed clothes and disheveled hair buzzing with the interest to write… but I’m needed downstairs for Breakfast. Hallelujah!


With every email , every comment , every article… I learn.

Sometimes I learn about what Readers require and sometimes what publishers demand. Its all not very complicated if you see, clearly. The bottom line is improvement is necessary as no one likes stale stuff.

Feedback mechanisms are perhaps the best mirrors to your work and I love it when somebody comments or emails me(I call it FAN MAIL) HAHA!

Well, today, I’ll start writing again, perhaps after Lunch so I’ll see you then 🙂

But now, I should bathe and get ready. No one likes stale people, either. Okay, THAT was a stinky joke, I agree. LOL


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