Strange Angels , A Novel By Lili St. Crow

In an age where Vampires, werewolves and magicians rule the roost, or shall I say, Covers Of Novels… Lili St. Crow delivers a fantasy fiction thriller(now, a series of 5 Novels) where-in the Vampire plays the Evil-Rule-The-World-Control-Freak in contrast to the Gorgeous, lovable heroes that most page-turners now offer.

Dru Anderson (Hunter, Knife-thrower, heart breaker) , the hero of the Novel is a no-nonsense Hunter… Nope, she’s not after Silver Foxes or White Tigers, she’s after the dark creatures that haunt the Real World, the part of this world that runs like a secret parallel Universe right under our nose. She along with her father, a prodigy at Hunting and an impeccable taskmaster have set out on a trail to avenge the death of her Mother and his Wife, who was killed ages ago by Sergei, better described as the King Royal of the Blood-sucking Vampires.

But things veer off the track almost instantly when Sergei takes her away the only relation Dru holds close to her heart, a Father by mercilessly turning him into a Zombie and setting him after her…. forcing Dru to shoot her Dad’s re-animated Corpse with a 9mm.

Now alone, in a cold and lonely world filled with you-name-it creeps and a fatal quest awaiting her, Dru gears up instead of throwing herself into the well of misery. She stops at nothing.

Masking her fears and hurt under a curtain of Iron-willed and Brave Persona she begins to travel towards her Goal. En route she meets Graves, a Goth high school drop-out good at algebra and addicted to smoking and cursing.

Things fall harder for the two when Graves gets bitten by Sergei’s Broken Werewolf on a chase and he transforms into a Loup Garou. Destiny then leads them to the Schola, THE place for young Werewolves and all-things-no-human to Hone their skills and get Disciplined by the Order.

Well, that is where the Story starts to heat up as Dru meets the dashing, mysterious and super-strong Christophe. Does that affect Graves and her Friendship? Is she ever able to get over the guilt of causing Graves so much pain and turmoil?

No time to waste, as a dark cloud of Betrayal , Fatal Dangers, Deep-earth-shattering-secrets, family legacies and God-knows-what-all!

What’s interesting about this novel is that it is not based upon true love or even magic… but simple TRUE GRIT and ACTION that makes you want more.

With interesting new species like Sevotchas (Partial Vamps and Partial Humans) , Loup-Garou (The non-furry and Dominant versions of Werewolves) she captures the reader’s interest instantly.

The teenage slang, hard life, innuendos, hurt and toil make it all the more awesome.

This being her debut novel speaks volumes about her talent.

This novel ensures a satisfying read if you dig fantasy fiction; blood, gore and action; Bad Ass Villians(who are indestructible), anti-Damsel-in-distress Heroines and a whole lot of Mystery and Ammunition.


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