An Ode To My Family

One’s family is the true-most source of love … 

They’re always there… they’ve always got your back… they support you no matter how badly you mess up!

They encourage you to take up challenges and achieve your goals!

They love you no matter how ignorant or hurtful you become…

And most of all , they’re YOUR FAMILY!!!

Related by blood or not, it does not matter, its the love in the Bond that counts 🙂

I take this oppurtunity to thank my loved ones for making me who I am and being so selfless towards me all the time and keeping my needs before theirs and protecting me ALL THE TIME!

I owe all my success to you 🙂

I love you more than I can say 😀

Its time you shared some love and gratitude towards your kith and kin , too 🙂 x

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