Is it Over Yet??

Sad times shroud my life as Stuff happened in my family. And it hurts me as its partly my fault n I can do nothing to save the situation …

So one of my exams’ results came out and I did not QUALIFY 😦 for Medicals but for engineering . I hate myself for it ;( But I could not do much really . Can’t blame you ( Harry Styles) coz you don’t even know that I spend endless hours behind you . Feels like a lost cause but my bloody heart won’t stop!

Mum said you will always look at me as a fan and that will be the end But I won’t let go, the fool that I am! Champion for fighting lost causes …

So I’m leaving the fandom of DIRECTIONERS with pain… And I’m finding another way to you… Dunno which but I ll try , you know.

For now , there are two last exams left … Seems hopeless but I won’t give up… Listening to “You Got The Music In You” ….

Don’t let go, you got the music in you! Don’t give up, you got a reason to live

Let’s see… Love you so much :”( Take care in the USA x

20120525-123006.jpg Saw the above image a few days ago n couldn’t help but crack up laughing ! Ha, I can only wonder 😛 x



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