Fury + Jealousy + DETERMINATION >>> Work Hard >>> SUCCESS !

I sit before the computer, as usual , trying to make sense of this planet as well as reply to my FB Messenger and tweets … Ya, 660 followers ….

And then I see on my FB feeds that a friend has gotten through Indian Inst. Of Technology (Premium College) and my heart shatters! I type a congratulations and everything.. but I’m bleeding inside. So … I just start expressing my emotions on Twitter… hardly a few ppl I KNOW are my followers so its easier to vent there without being judged … 😉 And now, as I type I realise that I’ve always been better than most people, even that guy! Then why am I so pissed? Its because I’ve slackened … guilt-stricken… Procrastinating 24/7 … and that’s brought me here …  cutting out my vibrant social self into a Gollum-like creature who sits before the computer painting glorious mind-images while she dies with every breath. And stuck to her iPod … tweeting and tweeting unto the world’s end.

So, I’ve decided…

Be The Change You wish to See

And I’m taking the reigns of MY LIFE into my hands … Olly Murs’ Music , Harry Styles’ Curly locks and Dimples and My friends can obviously wait! I know… I love Hazza… but he would understand, if only he knew me, that is!

I have today and tommorow and LOTS of syllabus ready to intimidate me and frighten me at the slightest chance I give it. So, I’m gonna stay strong … Tell myself that I can do this. Because I can! YOU CAN , TOO!

Its just self-belief that has gotten all these amazing and famous people like Oprah , Deepak Chopra , Harry Styles , Niall Horan ,President Obama , Olly Murs , Jack Canfield , LANCE ARMSTRONG  to where they are, right now

Dupree At Work To Set His Life Right !
Yeah! You Gotcha!




… So many…!!!

We can do this. I remember watching ‘You, Me and Dupree’ … his belief in his abilities TRANSFORMED his being , itself! Thanks, Owen Wilson for playing that part so well that the message has been etched into the walls of my heart and brain!

So… you and I can do this! Hope you agree. I’d love some feed back , really 🙂 xo




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