Game Plan : Stratagem

So I’m in tears now… Two nights left before my Life Deciding exam … And I’m highly unprepared ! Words don’t describe the guilt , remorse and pain one feels at such a time…

Been tweeting to get Harry Styles attention SINCE MORNING ! And all he does is tweet #toiletgirl (NOT TO ME, just a random tweet) …

I send him a dozen tweets after that… NO REPLY! And then I feel why am I wasting my time after this guy who does not even KNOW me ? But a Capricorn’s damned heart never gives up , you see…

It’s already. Making strategies of as to how to plan and study and Do well in the exams… My heart is consoling my about Harry Styles… “he will be yours one day, you’ll see” ! Ha, who knows ? I KNOW! I’m gonna study and get to London and then We ‘ll meet … Nothing wrong to dream , is there?

The exam… Well , honestly , that leaves me at a sorry position now ! So much to study…

Plan is … Study AS MUCH AS YOU CAN and leave the rest to Goodwill and Fate ! If I want it, I shall HAVE it! Oh yeah ! Believe in myself … That’s the key! Time to stop my self rumbling and study !

Only , every night I hope and pray that Harry Styles noticed me , and then one day loves me! Amen.





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