Harry Styles To Play Jagger On the Big Screen

The motive behind One Direction’s Harry Styles’ recent solo trip to The City Of Angels had been shrouded in mystery. It has now been revealed that the singer’s recent jaunt to L.A. involved visiting with film representatives to talk about a role in the upcoming Mick Jagger biopic.
It is rumored that the film will be entitled Exile On Main St., named for the Stones classic ’72 album. During the height of Rolling Stones and indie fame, Jagger had hordes of fans. Film producers believe that Styles’ physical appearance, along with his current fame, will help boost interest in the flick.
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Styles is not the only person that film producers have spoken with regarding the role, but the One Direction singer is sure to be a favorite, especially with the younger generation. The superstar’s mother recently outed him for keeping an especially messy bedroom.
Harry Styles was just another face in the crowd and a passed-over “X Factor” contestant when panel judge Nicole Scherzinger heard his potential. The former Pussycat Dolls front woman paired Styles with a group of other young talents who had not been passed along as soloists in the competition. That group became One Direction and took home the third place title for that series run of the popular show.
One Direction’s popularity has spread like wildfire. The group released their debut album in November 2011 and toured in the U.S. as a supporting group for other boy bands. The band is expected to launch a massive headline tour later this year.



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