#IfIWasDatingHarryStyles Is Trending !

I just log into twitter and I see that the TOP worldwide trend is #IfIWasDatingHarryStyles … and I was like ‘Wow!’ … so many ideas popped into my mind because hell, that’s what’s on my mind most of the times … thanks to the One Direction Infection!

I did tweet … you can check it out on my sidebar … HOPING he’d see. But well, are the odds in my favor when about 3 million girls must be tweeting him CONSTANTLY ? Phew, sometimes I simply feel for him… I mean of course he’s living the dream but his Personal life is Intruded… his twitter goaded and hoarded with sometimes crappy stuff!

But then, once Im done thinking all that, I’m back to Hazza Land where I cant think of anything but How to get Harry Styles (as though he were available in a grocery store. Haha) My iPod is filled with his pics… funny faces , crazy poses , smiling, singing and god-knows-what-all !

Holy Angels! And when I imagine as to what would happen if he ACTUALLY replied… my heart stops for that small second because I know I’d be so overwhelmed … Oh God!

How does he have so much Control over me? He’s not even SPOKEN to me or SEEN me… then How? Why I am I so hypnotised???? Its not healthy, really. Really! This one tweet, I love!

So, Hope and Belief go hand-in-hand! Keep persisting 😀 I know I will 🙂 Love you, Hazza.




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