The Rumblings In My Mind… Love , Priorities , Choices and Studies !

A new story has picked up speed in my Head and I know I should start writing it… but, I got exams strewn like magazines on the floor… all through May until June! So I’m in a fix… your heart always wants you to do what you like but listen to your mind sometimes, because it analyses pros and cons better and right now its shouting at me to leave my Computer …. and sit in my Study. I know, my heart groans and is reluctant… tells me,’Just a lil’ bit longer. Maybe another video of Hazza or some tweets…  then go and study all you like, darling.’ 


And I’m stuck on Crossroads!!!! Listening to Paul Collier’s Most Relaxing Music (haha…)

So, yeah… leaving for Bangalore on the Second of May. Fun. But for an exam and probably re-celebrate Rhea (my sis)’s Bday there too because Dad might not be able to make it on the 30thApril…

But he’s coming for the award ceremony I’m glad. All I REALLY want is that my Parents and I got there together…

But, um, there might be issues, you see. … and choices to make between people you love. That hurts.

But my parents are coming and my sis. The oly issue is… some other people I really care for as they’re my family… but they cant come because of reasons and choices I made (Not wrong, I can assure you).

Well, then I think maybe its not so complicated after all if we kill the emotions and just live in the moment. Like, now, I wanna go make some cool Mango Squash and gulp it down. Yummy. But here I am, writing at the speed of, if not light, my fingers. Haha.


Well, I’m gonna give fangirling a rest. And I despise my Twitter account because of all the 1D fans I’ve clogged up. Hell, they cant call themselves Directioners. Truly. Really. They love the boys, criticize their relationships, then send love again. Come on, those 5 sweet boys cant marry 3 million chics, can they? Sorry for the language… but I’m angry.

Despite for my throbbing liking for Harry Styles and the hopeless despair I sometimes drown into when I think what if I dont get him….

I still believe intruding their privacy is wrong.

If he wants to marry or date a girl (and its not me) then fine.

But he’ll never find someone like me.

Maybe My future is brighter. Maybe Ambassadors (of love as in the Book Juliet Immortal by Stacy Jay) are trying their best to get us together. I like to believe that. 

Hazza As He Is In His True Elements


He's telling me To STUDY too !

As for the PRESENT reality, my only priority is Studies….

Yes, it is.

Last night we had gone to the Cinemas (Escape in Express Avenue, Chennai) Some funny pics!




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