#1DSurprise … What Its All About !!

Make them Happy!
Show OneDirection LOVE!!

My dearest Directioners ❤

Thank you for your support in the last few days and we are so excited to announce our surprise for the boys!

After the recent let downs in the fandom, we want to do something to show our boys we still care. WHAT IS IT?! You may be asking. Well, directioners, my friend and I have decided to do a TWITCAM! 100% dedicated to the boys. There will be a section on each of the boys, and shout outs to every supporter so that the boys can follow you, there will also be flashbacks and plenty of laughs. Their news teams have said they will show this to the boys and surprise them if we get 100 000 viewers, SO WE NEED AT LEAST 100 000 VIEWERS FOR THIS TO WORK!!! The boys wont get their surprise if there is not enough support shown to even worry about it. Liam got 100,000 viewers last week, and that was by himself! We wont give up until we reach at least 100 000. The goal is 200 000 though, so tweet, retweet and get excitement amongst our amazing directioners!! THIS WILL ONLY HAPPEN IF YOU MAKE IT HAPPEN! And we know how excited you have all been about it recently ;).

Show our boys that you care, so that when we send this to them, and show them the twitcam, they will be totally blown away, and also shown that our enthusiasm doesn’t go away just because they’re not doing a twitcam! This will be JUST as funny as all the boy’s ones, JUST as awesome, and better yet, the boys didn’t even have to put in effort for it. 
The twitcam will take place this Friday (our time) at 6:30PM and will continue on until we get all the support we need. WHO’S KEEN TO HAVE FUN AND GIVE OUR BOYS A SURPRISE?! This time is 4:50 AM Thursday for New York and Ottawa, Thursday at 1:50 AM for LA, Thursday at 9:50AM for London and so on!

I love my boys, and I know you do too, so get behind us please. We know it’s been done, but this will be 50 times larger and you guys are all already excited about our surprise. We love you and they love you too! 

Love you gorgeous potatoers 😉
(Stacey Marshall , Shreya Sudesh , Sian ) + DIRECTIONERS WORLDWIDE !


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