The Ugly Truth

Just watched the Ugly Truth! Wow, so I learnt a lot…Image 

First… a lot about men…

And a lot about Relationships and Its really got me wondering… So is there no True Love at all? So were the Grimm Bros faking it with Snow White and Cinderella or were they mere Dreamers wanting the world to be spun into their tales like Cotton Candy?

Reall makes me wonder.

But the movie has a lot of sense. Amazing Screenplay and Background score… and well, when you have Gerard Butler, you dont have to worry bout nothin’ else! Right?

At the end (spoiler alert) though,

When Mike confesses his love for Abby… I’m wondering… So when the whole time Mike kept saying Men Cant love… was it his own denial-delusion or was it actually The Ugly Truth ?

Somehow, I guess… more than love or any creamy-flowery thing… Understanding b/w two people is what counts. Fake is Fake. Truth is Truth. Transparency , Tolerability and Selfless ness… Ooh, and Forgiveness… add up too!!

So my take is, Its not so ugly afterall,

Its just one has to really open up and not give up ever whilst finding the Right One.


1 thought on “The Ugly Truth”

  1. Ahem.. Nice view on the movie.. Now u should watch No Strings Attached, and u’ll learn a lot about women 🙂


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