Before My Eyes

I don’t even Know where you are

Whether you’re near or too far

All I want to see on my Doorstep

is You and your Precious Charm!  

But I’m disappointed every moment

No calls, No replies

No e-mails do come by

Just memories before my Eyes  

We’ve never met before

But I know you, so well

Coz I see you everyehere

And I think of you all the time!  

See you singing before the crowd,

And I’m hoping That one day..

You’ll be singing to me in your arms

Just dreams before my eyes  

I tweet you and about you,

But guess, you’re too busy

You never get to reply

Just hopes Before my eyes…

  Will you think of me, one day..

As you read one of my poems?

Will you come to me with love

When you know…

                                    Mine Is True ?!

Not just one in the crowd,

I am all yours..

If only you know…

Your image swims before my eyes .    

©Shreya Sudesh


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