Harry Styles . . . The One Person

So what if his eyes look like crystals under the sunshine and his curls make you smile and his dimples turn your icy resolutions to water ? And his smile sends whirlwinds flying in your mind and his voice melts your heart like butter ? Yeah thats my Harry. Well he probably does not even know any Shreya for that matter leave alone me. But still I persist for a reason I cannot fathom. Now I dont want it to be simple fandom that gets over with time. I wanna be with him. But thats like asking earth to grow up like jupiter. I keep watching him and wishfully dream ! Everything would be so perfect. I would not want another thing in life. But its so hard when reality splashes cold water on your face and wrenches you away from your sweet dream. Harry , I dont know if you ll read this but still . . . ‘its gotta be you ” and I dont wanna let go. I dont wanna be a part in the million fans who love you ! I want to be the Person who loves you. Forever you. Bless your sweet soul. . . Until you re mine 


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