Idol Worship

You log into your twitter and see all your favourite starts tweet ‘THANK YOU Boston . . Gave our best performance for you. You re next New York . . We re so gonna rock you !’ and you re sitting in India or Korea or Paris and wondering ‘wish i was there ‘ . We re tweet them. We share their status. We reply to them persistently hoping they e see it and re tweet back. But nope. Your Mentions page always disappoints you. . . So you go to their web page . . See a few pics . . Fantasize and get back to rejection. But they have busy lives and millions of fans talking to them. So i just purpose they find it hard to reply to everybody. . . We should understand. . . Still hoping that @Harry_Styles or @Real_Liam_Payne or Josh Groban or Deepak Chopra or Zooey Deschanel or ian Somerhalder. . . anyone replied. It would make your day ! 🙂 silly yeah. But still . .


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