One Direction … Yeah, that Boy Band !

Yeah, so, well, I never thought I’ll be writing about this but the recent media explosion and twitter bug chimichaga has brought this Teen Band Sensation’s Fame to my notice! So, I’m doing a bit of research to see if this band will STAND or wash away like many high spirited ones (RIP AND i miss you Fall out boy) !

Okay, so I can tell you, I guess Liam is the cutest 😉
Back to business…
These 5 bright guys : Liam , Zayn , Harry, Louis and Niall … started off as separate participants in X-Factor ( the same one Simon Cowell brags about ) … but neither of them could have made it to the Finals week if Nicole (one of the judges) didn’t give them the idea of forming a band … and as a Group they stood third !

But there song … What makes you Beautiful leaked online and that’s how they Became soo famous! They signed a 2 million dollars contract with Syco Records and the rest is history …

They’ve released 4 albums since the :
1. What makes You Beautiful
2. Gotta Be You
3. Up All Night
4. One Thing ( Out Now)

So, yeah… those guys do some great stuff in the music studios! And they’ve got immense fan-following and ladies battle against each other …’No…Liam!’ .. ‘No Harry…’ ‘Niall it is, duh!’ … and all tat !

Well, rite now they’re touring all over Ireland and places. And, well , because I’m not advertising them, I’ll just send you the link instead ..

The photos are nice, yeah ! My money is on Liam. Hopefully, I don’t go crazy after these Lads, too. Jesus. I had had The Jonas Brothers mania in ninth grade and well, I’m done with all that 1 So, real mature people should appreciate 1D based on their music more than those cute dimples or six packs ( yeah, one of them has it) …
FYI They’ve also topped the iTunes chart, won the Brit awards and such stuff … Let’s see what the future holds for them. All the best, you guys :)*

Thanks 🙂
P.S : Do tell me whose the hottest 😉 ?


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