Dreamer’s Day in the Reality …

A dreamer wakes up to a lazy morning… with sunshine pouring itself into his/her room… the bed is a messy mountain of quilts and comforters,diaries, music player with the knotted earphones , Paperbacks with a bookmark sticking out … and yesterday’s glass of water still waiting at the Night-stand and the lamp is still switched ON. Work and school are still miles away as the Dreamer shuffles to the Bathroom and loses itself in a faraway dream or vision where-in their life were different as it had been in the Dream it had seen last night … . the vibrant colors forming an almost real image … a hallucination. As the warm water begins to shower upon the Dreamer, the past washes itself as new Clouds of beauty, music and some more dreams begin to shape and the ethereal music plays on…

Breakfast is, but an excuse to shake hands with the Reality as the tummy rumbles for its dose of perhaps scrambled eggs or simply toast ( or let’s just pick it up en-route… anyways omlettes don’t seem to listen to it and always form awry shapes and ruin morning. Leave it be, really)

School/ College / Work or whatever path the (once had been distant) reality had chosen for the Dreamer is just another little feather to blow away as time passed by. Friends, foes, seniors… good times, fights, sadness, joy … emotions so many… all were felt within the brick walls of these Institutions. As afternoon gives into evening and the Dreamer makes its way back to His place, the Sun has turned merciful and the breeze had picked up a beat … children playing in parks, birds twittering back to their nests and Dark skies mixing with their bright counterparts like Ink in clear water to form Twilight. The Dreamer watches with Eyes open to beauty and mind reeling and spinning with imagination as the evening coffee turned cold in its Hand. Oh and then it remembered it had this amazing movie to watch/ or book to read which would yet again transport it to another realm with other issues and contours… and lights and fiestas.

As the Night grew deeper it would Realise … slumber approached so did thoughts of pending bills, homework and projects. With a reluctant thought the dreamer would set to work until its job interested it and carried it to another Dimension … until the work was done and the Dimension dissolved into nothingness with a promise never kept.

And music plays again as the Dreamer perches itself within the comfort of its Bed and settles into a comfortable position and opens a novel … the Door and Key to the Other World… when its eye-lids feel heavy and when he drowns into slumber, he knows not … but he’s reached he Other World the Astral world where all his dreams come true and revels in joy and enlightenment until Dawn approaches and transports him back to Reality. Yeah, that Dreamer…


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