You Beautiful Lady ! Get Up and Let’s Go!

It’snot like those Olden days when all a Pretty lady would do was sit in the garden chairs chatting with her chambermaids and friends about Sir Kingston or the Ball at the McKinley’s !
… That Lady would have all day … she could go for a horse-ride , or a Boating Party, Paint or Dance and … let her Parents pay the bills!

Or it would be the other extreme… poor lady, eloped with her Mr.Right (a rogue painter or scribe) and now in Miseries… yet they were them.

Nowadays, its all about Multi-tasking. Here, I speak about only the likes of us who are caught up in busy City-Life’s with all the drama and chimichaga included (oh, yes!) .
There is our 9am to 5pm jobs, College, School… and then Family and friends and foes !
Shopping and merry-making and at the same time Deadlines and competitions! And the pressure… to stay on the top.

And if that were not enough … we have oodles of love, hurt, tears, drama and GUILT following us as that lil’ doggie in the Vodafone advertisement (You and I , in this beautiful World) Of course

But somehow, we women and girls love this Circus of a life! We live Indulging BIG TIME on our guilty pleasures(movies, chocolates,lil’ games, books … travel!) and let things go astray… and then Panic… hide under the Duvet… take solace in Old Timey Golden songs and CHOCOLATES (or lashing out on twitter;) )… then Rise Up To The Moment listening to some High Beat stuff or reading Motivational Self-Help Guides! … And get back things to normal or Put it away altogether !

Courage is not what Roars and Fights! Sometimes, its the Silent Voice that says, ‘I’ll try AGAIN tomorrow

(Mary Anne Radmacher)

So when things fall apart, instead of asking WHY? ask HOW? and WHAT NEXT? This is because the ‘Why?’ only makes you feel worse and your thoughts keep going around in circles! Once you move towards the ‘How?’ … things get clear and a new way seems to start showing Up !! Be the Dreamer you are! Never let go! Because as long as you Hold On, your Good Times will stay with you (the same applies for the not-so-good times, too). So watch what you’re holding onto!

I personally mess up a LOT and get back at life again! So I know, what I’m saying!

So, all you Beautiful Ladies out there… cheer up! It’s just the beginning when all seems dark! Your sun’s about to rise! Embrace the Dawn!


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