The Whole Drama … of Schooling !

It all started when I was 3 … they put in Play School (Little Flowers), New Delhi ! At that time it was just snapping crayons to bits, smudging food on classmates’ faces, throwing play things all around the classroom and throwing tantrums (my specialty since My beginning)! But now, as I grew up… and got promoted from Grade to grade, Class to Class (and my schools range from St.John’s, Bhopal to APSDK, Delhi to Sindhi Model School, Chennai) …. Things have changed!

Now the trend is to flunk Math unit tests, take pics with Skeleton (My all-time boyfriend) in the Bio Lab… play with Dora’s i-Pod Touch, hanging out with friends … and use the School Campus for all things fun! (Much more… but that I’ll tell you, after I officially Pass Out)!

That was eleventh and most of XIIth grade…but as the Great AISSCE (Board) exams near … Teachers, parents and nerds have started using everything from sarcastic comments , direct criticism, innuendos , threats (rarely) … to get me (and my friends) to start STUDYING!

‘Beta, Physics! The formulas should be at your fingertips1’
‘Oh, you need to study Bio in-depth to score a cent-um!’
‘Chemistry is all about write-and-practice’
‘Maths… formula learn, sum do! Easy…’
‘English…you ALL (WE’RE JUST 25 OF US) have an extra class, this Saturday. BE THERE!’

So you get the general idea…

And then there are stories of kids getting suicidal everywhere like birds eating vermin! And entrance exams looming over us… and the whole Farewell Party where everyone wants to look the best (yeah, right! As if!)…
College seats… Competition.

‘We’re not putting pressure on you. Do whatever you like, sweetheart. But We wont pay a single penny as Donation for your college’ say most parents… As if that’s not pressure enough!

I’m NOT criticizing teachers or well-meaning parents… nor am I scolding casual kids…or complaining against the system. Everybody rule their own roosts.

Its just that there should be some method like CCE (minus ‘some’ really freaking tools ) that cools us off a bit. I mean there is so much more to do… and so less time. There’s no time to delve in the past… we need to move on and do whatever we can in the short-time left!

Yeah, big motivation and everything … but Facebook, twitter, COD (for some o’ my guy friends), personal dramas, and envy (ya, Some science group kids do envy Commerce kids’ FREEDOM)…..are totally putting us off-track ..
So I guess , to sum up…

***Parents should not BAN kids from anything (like playing games or networking) as that makes us go a step further and Indulge!

***Kids should get their heads back where it should be (I count myself) 

***And people should not set tough-as-hell question papers to kill kids!

Amen :p 🙂

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