Yours Faithfully

Yours Faithfully

It’s tough to see
Why you put me
In this I world
Full of strife and pain

Happy, I had ben
In your land
Safe, I had felt
Within your arms

Honored, I had been
Before your shining gaze
Loved, I had felt
Embedded in your very heart.
And now you have left me
In this world of Man
To bring a change
Whatever I can

Weary,  my heart grows
Facing the canny
Belittled, is my spirit
That once had shone brightly.

But still,  I live
To stand up to your word
The very reason you sent me here for
Because I believe in your conviction.

It is not mine
To decide your actions
But to accept and accomplish
What you ask of me.

All this and more,
For you, My Guardian.
Stay with me
In soul, if not in body.

Drop by in my dreams
To kiss me good night
To replenish my hopes
And rejuvenate my energies.

For yours is this realm
And I am your little maenad
Who follows your lead
Now and forever.

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