The Topaz Beast

Shreya Sudesh
The Prince Of Beasts inspires with awe,
As it prances about the terrain…
And bathes its chivalric-self
Under the gleaming sunshine.
It rules the roost of the Jungle
Its aura engulfing every strand of the Woods.
As its tears apart its prey
With dagger-like teeth.
And yet its hard to believe,
That this undeniably exotic gem
Is hunted by the Human race
To quench its insatiable greed.
Hopelessness tombs over the Topaz Beast
As It tries to flee away from
The diabolic tentacles of fire-power and toxins
That the Humans pursue it along with fearsome pace
It groans with unfathomable pain
As spears stab deep gashes in its coat
Its dark stripes made unholy
By the warm beads of Blood.
Fear crushes its will…pain seethes its body
As Death draws closer…
Against the odds, it tries
To limp away from the pursuing danger.
We Humans , we don’t give up
We chase and ‘track down our National Pride’
One last, unbelievable leap
As it tries to launch itself across.
Luck seeps away from its grasp
As it gravitates deep into the trench
A helpless growl , a soundless moan
Escapes its now feeble throat….
And yet another Tiger meets its
Unfortunate End….
As Dusk begins to Fall

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