The Orphan’s Joy

The Orphan’s Joy
My steps faltered
And my eyes watered
As I walked into the Station
The Big Black Engine awaited me
With its Chimney spouting smoke.
‘Hurry, you ‘tardy little boy!
Or you’ll miss the train’
Barked my Uncle as he
Yanked at my arm harshly
Pulling me away…
Away from my home town
Away from my Childhood
And every memory of my dear Mother,
Who now resided in the Heavens.
Watching me , from up above.
The flowers from our garden
Were sill clutched between my tiny fingers
As they reminded me of the
Fragrance that wafted from her hair. 
So loving she had been…
But now it was over,
And I was being sent away…
To a School where
Boys were made strong Men,
As my Grandpa had said.
They were harsh, my family
After Mother departed from us.
They taunted and teased me as…
The Motherless or Broken
And finally decided to abandon me from their sight.
And just when I was gawking
At the shining dark metallic Giant
Droplets of the rain
Began to descend from the sky
And fell upon the two of us.
The droplets felt like miniature teardrops
As though the Skies itself felt my pain.
Or maybe it was my Mother…
‘Don’t cry, Ma… I’ll be fine, I’m strong!
Though I miss you much
And yearn for your warmth
I shall do what…
I need to do.’ I called out at the skies.
And as if It responded,
The Train gave a shrill cry of excitement
And spouted huge clouds of White smoke
As though welcoming my Presence
Just as mother used to, with incense smoke
When I used to return at Prayer-time from school.
And all of a sudden
My pain was forgotten
And I revelled in joy at being Accepted after so long.
I felt as if it were a sign from up above
For me to join the Train…
And Move on, leaving behind my Pain.

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