Stolen By Your Love

I wonder why
I keep searching
For your face
Amongst those in the crowd.
I ponder why
I catch a hint
Of your fragrance
Amidst the throng of people
Maybe its because of the
Times we spent
Together… separated from the
Hustle and bustle of life.
Or maybe its just
The love I still safeguard
Within the deepest chamber
Of my heart… for you.
Your essence still
Enfolds me within
Its warm and invigorating aura
Never to let go…
I only wish
I could steal you away
From God’s Isle, Heaven.
And keep you with me forever.

3 thoughts on “Stolen By Your Love”

  1. Shredya, Congratulations! Wow, what fabulous news.

    Please allow me to point out that a print publication usually expects a writer to give them the exclusive right to an author’s work for a respectful amount of time, perhaps six months. Naturally, the publisher would like to encourage sales of their book. And being able to read the winning selection would be a draw for their prospective audience.


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