The Hangover Duology

The Hangover II was an AWESOME movie… made you go crazy on your seat! You laugh, you shout and puke… all at the same time, at times! Full of surprises and flabbergasting visuals … this movie is a rocker! It totally tops my Charts and is making its way to my iPod Touch! And all Bradley Lovers… he’a steaming again ( why the hell is he married??) And Stu’s tatoo… Alan’s Mojo… Chao’s Naked Notoriety … Doug’s Nicety… Phil’s Careless-Casualness … Mmmm…. delicious… along with Bangkok, A wedding in a Heavenly Thai Location along with LOADS of liquor mixed with ADHD medicine and muscle relaxers… YOU HAVE TO WATCH it 🙂 

Keep kids away though! You dun want them to know what Bangkok Babes or Monkey tactics are. Oh and the cute Buddhist oldie… lol

Just enjoy the movie. And Mike Tyson’s back! Also, also… DO NOT FORGET : Alan’s VISION where-in they’re all Kids In The Big city is an awesome pick! So , ya… 

****I/2 STARS …also the ending with Flo-Rida’s Turn Around.. perfect ❤ 


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