The Orphan’s Joy
My stepsfaltered
And my eyeswatered
As I walked intothe Station
The Big BlackEngine awaited me
With its Chimneyspouting smoke.
‘Hurry, you ‘tardylittle boy!
Or you’ll missthe train’
Barked my Uncleas he
Yanked at my armharshly
Pulling me away…
Away from myhome town
Away from myChildhood
And every memoryof my dear Mother,
Who now residedin the Heavens.
Watching me ,from up above.
The flowers fromour garden
Were sillclutched between my tiny fingers
As they remindedme of the
Fragrance thatwafted from her hair. 
So loving shehad been…
But now it wasover,
And I was beingsent away…
To a Schoolwhere
Boys were madestrong Men,
As my Grandpahad said.
They were harsh,my family
After Motherdeparted from us.
They taunted andteased me as…
The Motherlessor Broken
And finallydecided to abandon me from their sight.
And just when Iwas gawking
At the shiningdark metallic Giant
Droplets of therain
Began to descendfrom the sky
And fell uponthe two of us.
The dropletsfelt like miniature teardrops
As though theSkies itself felt my pain.
Or maybe it wasmy Mother…
‘Don’t cry, Ma…I’ll be fine, I’m strong!
Though I missyou much
And yearn foryour warmth
I shall do what…
I need to do.’ Icalled out at the skies.
And as if Itresponded,
The Train gave ashrill cry of excitement
And spouted hugeclouds of White smoke
As thoughwelcoming my Presence
Just as motherused to, with incense smoke
When I used toreturn at Prayer-time from school.
And all of asudden
My pain wasforgotten
And I revelledin joy at being Accepted after so long.
I felt as if itwere a sign from up above
For me to jointhe Train…
And Move on, leaving behind my Pain.

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