Maenad ofThe Sun
Shreya Sudesh
As the last ray of the Sun
Dives, gracefully, below the horizon
And the chirping birds
Fly back to their cosy nest…
…The Maenad of the Sun
Walks out of her Haunt.
With eyes as dark as night itself
And skin as fair and pale
As the moon, high above
The beautiful princess
Prances about the deep woods
Aeons ago, this beauty had been
Cursed by a invidious Necromancer
That Only at Moonshine will she be Human
Whist at daylight
A petty and humble fawn
Though her beauty made
The prettiest Aphrodite sigh
The gloom in her heart
Made the Mighty Ares cry,
She wept and she sobbed
Beside the gurgling creek…
…Hoping the waters would carry away her pain.
But this night was different
It was charged with a Presence
And Maenad could feel it…
Her heart anxious with anticipation.
And then suddenly, out of the Clearing
Came a Loud and Deep Voice! She turned towards it.
With hair like silken Gold
And eyes like melting Amber
He approached the distressed damsel.
The spark in his eyes
And Glow in His aura,
He took the Maenad’s breath away
Whether to flee or to stay,
The Beauty could not say.
He knelt beside her
And beamed a warm smile
As he wiped away a tear
‘To banish your curse
And destroy your sorrows,
Have I come here.’
‘Who would you be?
Why would you see…
The pain inside my Heart?
No one shall ever conquer me
But my Apollo  ,
To whom I belong.’
‘Silly little you,
Come forth and embrace
This humble lover of yours
From celestial skies I come to your aid
… to take you back forever.’
Tears stung her eyes
As she recognized
It was Phoebus Apollo himself, in disguise!
‘Oh my dear God, I finally get to be with you!’
She cries, joy seething through
Her heart and Soul.
And the two of them
Unite again… as they had
Before the Mighty Curse.
They fly away to the Heavens
Riding in the Golden Chariot
As they light up the night sky…
And this is how the Sun God’s Love oncelit up the Universe at Night…

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