Shreya Sudesh
The festive seasons brightens our lives and promisesprosperity and good fortune to every soul it touches upon. When we think of‘celebration’… the one image that pops into our mind is that of a bright andvibrantly coloured room filled with merry people… congregated together to sharetheir love and warmth with each other. The occasion is just an excuse to baskin the richness and delight of being surrounded by our kith and kin.
But as time has passed…things have taken a rather awrytwist and this togetherness has sort of dissolved into a strange nothingness aspeople find themselves so exhausted by the end of the day … so much so thatthey’d rather take rest at home than mixing with the family.  Gone are the days when one could just layback and enjoy the holiday scene… grandparents pampering the young ones andmothers rushing out of the kitchen carrying heavy thalis of mouth-watering delicacies dripping with ‘ghee’… the men busy decorating and lightingthe place up whilst the carefree children got to run about the place and makemerry.
I wonder, if those priceless gifts of affection andcordiality amongst family members would ever crawl out of the bottomless wellwe have abandoned the feelings into.
The ugly truth is that we have been blind-folded by thematerialistic cares of the world…screened enough to ignore the innocence andbeauty… deaf to the music of the Minstrels Of honesty…dumb to speak-out ourtrue emotions and appreciate the other or tell them how truly they matter tous.
Where are we heading towards? Clearly not the doom theypicture in Nostradamus’ prophecies or the much anticipated Mayans’ ‘End in2012’. We are actually going towards the Apocalypse of ‘humanity’ and not livebeings.
Humanbonds…sensitivity…love…benevolence…honesty…nobility…fraternity are one-by-onebeing blown away by the hunger for Power and the unquenchable thirst for fameand undue recognition. And the ever-diabolic  Ego in our heart grows stronger with everypassing hour…guffawing at our insanity.
Is this what we really want? At the end of the day, wouldyou rather be kissed goodnight by your dear one or your lifeless i-Phone or awad of RS.1000 notes.
Do not wait for the opportunity to make amends, to comeknocking to your doorstep, because it never will…unless you decide to takethings in your hand, immediately. Once gone, it shall remain so.
So get back to where you belong…as a Human. Don’t rush intoyour  room as soon as you reach home.Give your Granny a few minutes of your day, appreciate your mother’s cooking…for once, forgive your naughty sibling instead of  hauling over the coals .Go ahead and spendthat quality time with your father…lessen the distance between you and thosewho care for you.
We are not dying with every second, my dear reader, we areGrowing. Make sure you grow to be someone who is more content thanestablished…more loved than envied and despised.
When you leave behind your carcass and depart this planet,the world should feel the loss and hope that your soul rests in peace.
You were born on this planet as a Gift to your parents…fulfilevery errand that you were meant to complete. Don’t disappoint the peoplearound you…Spread the inner joy and the colour of Creativity and Life force!Whatever you do, should come from within. Enjoy every moment…life is like that.We are not here to become multi-billionaires or Nobel Prize awardees…it’s amuch Higher purpose. Make use of your time and take pleasure in the littlest ofchores that you perform. Life is so beautiful when you really want to Live it.Take this season as an opportunity to get closer to your loved ones and makethem feel special.
That is all. Know that you are loved… you are free to dreamand to be what you want to be… but with the ulterior motive that you changeothers’ lives in a positive way. God bless you
©Shreya Sudesh

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