a wrinkle in time!

as the third day of holiday dawned, i sat in the balcony with my copy of THE WRINKLE IN TIME by madeleine l’engle. the story was so thrilling that i was absorbed into it the whole day. the magical adventure of meg murry , calvin and charles wallace to lands beyond our wildest imaginations! they meet ppl of the strangest kinds and all of them have the same common enemy —IT! a nauseatic looking brain ! it controlled ppl through rythyms.
meg’s father is trapped an d now even her younger bro charles! will she be able to save them all and see her mum and twin brothers again?
what will happen of her? will she ever be able to see calvin , the sportsboy?
to know , u’ve got to read it for yourself. but i can give u a clue.
meg’s father is a scientist and a year ago he goes missing. meg is a shot tempered gal’ who lives with her mum , twin bros and her young bro charles. they live toghether near the woods in a 200 yr old building. meg is an ugly gal and is hated by all. but soon she enters a journey by an unprecedented visit of a neighbour! this journey changes her life—–how —-u’ve got to read it!


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