a call and a misunderstood crush!

oh well! so many times it happens that we start goin’ crazy on a person and they don’ like u!
a few people may understand [ who r extreme best frnds] what im trying to explain!
this poem may console u if this is what that has happened with u!

so many times it happens,
that ur heart disheartens.
u care for someone so much,
and they not even a lil much.

u treat them with love and care,
but never , what in ur heart , u share!
it turns so large in ur heart.
then when you learn their feelings,
ur heart tears apart!

so never give ur heart deeply
and don’ give it much importance .
u’ve got a long way to go,
so never think its a major blow!

i hope it’s been helpful. writin’ this has been to me!
i don’ regret me likin’ anyone but yes the time i spent for the person ——-dreadful amount!


3 thoughts on “a call and a misunderstood crush!”

  1. Wow! I love your poem! It’s so, so passionate!Oh, and thanks for looking over at my blog. I really appreciate it.”my sparkling hollow”… What an awesome name to give to an awesome blog! Really!It’d be nice if we would become friends. I mean, I never met a friend on the internet before. ^-^


  2. k awesome poem, you got a very beautiful mind. n’ tell you not many 13 year olds try to think so much. N yeah i also never regret liking someone. At least it gives me a satisfaction to think bout’ that person (if the girl’s doesn’t likes) Life’s like that, you will love people as you sail with your beautiful life. Rock on…


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